TV Series

"Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained"
- Benjamin Franklin


This demo video was intended as a pitch to Glenn Beck from "TheBlaze TV", however this project started with a letter to Oprah Winfrey. For the record, neither has responded, however we are not giving up. Perhaps "Wounded Warriors" or for FYI Television?

Suddenly finding yourself in need of accessibility equipment can be a frightening and overwhelming experience. For decades, Affordable Mobility has been there to help both patients and caregivers aquire and install the tools needed to continue living life as "normal" as possible. There are no schools that teach these sort of skills: As the need for qualified installers increase, the number of companies that provide such personal service is on the decline.

Meanwhile, there is a growing number of Veterans coming home after years of honorable service, many with personal experience with handling unexpected disabilities. The transition from military life to civilian life is difficult enough, and all the more having to overcome disabilities. Wouldn't it be great there was an opportunuity to turn these experiences into carreers that would help both themselves an others?

The popularity of reality shows could provide such an opportunity. To that end, Mark has pitched the idea to various media outlets, and one of these was Glenn Beck, who is known to champion various causes tht benefit both veterans and the disabled community. While the visual content shows how easily an elevator can be added to a home, the audio overlay is a pitch to explain the benefits that could come from a show that teaches veterans how to install accessibility equipment. Pitching a TV Series from the grass roots is admittedly a long shot, but to quote Benjamin Franklin, "Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained".


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