Tie Downs

Sure-Lok and QStraint tie downs offer wheelchair users a safe, secure, and stable ride. Or forgo tie down straps altogether with the EZ Lock wheelchair restraint system.

Sure Lok Tie Downs

For more than 30 years, Sure-Lok has been a leading manufacturer of wheelchair securements and occupant restraint systems for transporting individuals with special needs. Every product we manufacture is carefully engineered and tested to ensure it performs properly when used correctly.

1 inch wide tie-downs provides easy attachment to a variety of wheelchair designs allowing the webbing to conform to the structural frame of the wheelchair, minimizing scratches and dents.

Q'Straint Tie Downs

Q'Straint provides a frontal facing position with four tie down points-to-chair ensuring the safest securement possible. Tested and approved worldwide, each belt is adjustable with a double action adjustment to accomodate every wheelchair design. Simple and hassle free for both driver and operator.

EZ Lock Wheelchair Restraint System

The EZ Lock wheelchair restraint system is an easy and effective means of securing an occupied wheelchair in a moving vehicle. Operation of the EZ Lock simply requires that you guide your wheelchair over the top of the lock until the interface is fully engaged. Once you have reached your destination, release the wheelchair from the system with a touch of a button. The EZ Lock provides a degree of independence not possible with other systems. There are no tie down belts to install (you'll still use the standard lap and shoulder belts), and an attendant is not needed to engage or release the system.


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