Unlike most dubwaiters that involve complex pulley systems, the Acent's car and drive sytem comes premounted is pre-installed on a single section of track. Additional sections of track combine quickly to create a single rail track that can support up to 200lbs.


  • Fast, Easy Installation
  • Automatic Operation Controls
  • Single Rail System
  • No Pulleys to Install
  • Car & Drive System Pre-Mounted
  • Easy Plug-n-Play Wiring

Safety Features

  • Low Voltage
  • Aircraft Cable Rates at 1800 lbs Breaking Strength
  • Standand and Final Limit Switches
  • Slack Cable Device with Safety Switch


  • Speed: 24 fpm for 100 lbs standard/20 fpm for 150-200 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 200 lbs
  • Electrical Requirements: 120V AC 15A (Optional: 240V AC)


Mark LaFlamme, President
Certified Welder/Electrician

346 Chester Rd, Auburn, NH 03032

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