Commercial Lifts

We Stock two Ricon and VMI Commercial Lift Systems, 5 Year Warranty, Available for Immediate Delivery!

Ricon S-Series Lifts

Ricon lifts are built for personal and commercial use. and comply to "DOT PUBLIC USE" specifications.

  • Manual Backup System
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Controls
  • Threshold Warning System
  • Bridgeplate Load Sensor
  • Rugged 800-Pound Lift Platform
  • Magnetized Hand Control Pendant
  • Spring-Loaded Outboard Rollstop
  • Occupant Restraint Belt System

VMI Clearway and Slide-Away Lifts

The exclusive split-platform folds and/or slides vertically, allowing unobstructed access upon exit and entry whether or not the lift is deployed.

  • Manual Backup System
  • Rated Load Capacity: 600 lbs.
  • Usable Platform Length: Lengths and Widths Vary
  • Meets all FMVSS requirements.


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